Create a Long-Lasting, Strong Foundation with Our Shed Site Prep Instructions

Ordering a new outdoor building from Fisher Structures is an exciting time. While our expert artisans craft your new she-shed, gazebo, pavilion, mini-barn, or garage to your specifications, now is the perfect time to prepare the site for your new shed to sit on.

If you’re unsure of where to start, Fishers Structures has you covered! With over 30 years of experience, we can provide the best shed site prep instructions you need to ensure your shed’s foundation is ready to withstand years of use.

Our Shed Site Prep Recommendations

When building a shed or other outdoor structure, you want to ensure that you select the perfect placement for it. The place you choose needs appropriate leveling. It shouldn’t be too close to your property lines or other objects in the area.

It doesn’t hurt to check local ordinances or with your HOA, if applicable, to see if there are any regulations regarding the place where you’d like to put your new structure. Additionally, our delivery drivers will need about 40 feet of clearance in front of the proposed site for safe placement.

Once you’ve selected the perfect shed site, follow these shed preparation steps:

  1. Prepare the Gravel Pad—Remove the sod from an area slightly bigger than your shed’s footprint—about two feet on each side—in the shape of your storage shed. Remove any dirt as necessary to level the area. You may also choose to cover the soil with a piece of landscape fabric or weed barrier to prevent weeds from sprouting up around your building.
  2. Fill the Shed Pad—Fill the area you cleared with ¾” limestone, about three to four inches deep. Be sure you level the crushed stone before the installation of your shed.
  3. Tamp the Gravel—Tamp the gravel down until flat and level. You want your shed site prep to be as even as possible for proper shed installation.

Once you have the site preparation complete, you may choose to add a border of pressure-treated wood or paver blocks to keep the stone in place. However, this step is optional and not required.

Things to Avoid During Shed Preparation

Now that you have the information you need to create the perfect shed base that will provide a firm foundation for years to come, it’s time to look at what you need to avoid when selecting and prepping your shed site.

An ariel view of a plot of land with the property lines outlined on it.

Placing the Shed Too Close to Property Lines

Conferring with your town and HOA’s building regulations can save you a lot of heartache in the future. Sheds that sit too close to property lines, on wetlands, or over a septic system may need moving. They could even make you take it down permanently. Additionally, placing your shed too close to property lines could make your neighbors unhappy—and your life miserable.

An outdoor shed with plenty of space around it for drainage.

Not Allowing for Space around the Shed Site

Proper drainage is necessary for a successful shed site prep. Without the required space around your outdoor structure, you could face moisture issues that destroy the wood, foundation, and anything inside of that structure. In addition, where there’s water, there’s mold and insects. That’s why it’s crucial to allow about two feet of space on all sides of your shed area.

Cracks form in a cinder block wall due to water damage.

Using Cinder Blocks

While we can understand its appeal for ease of use, choosing cinder blocks as your pavilion’s foundation is not wise. Water and severe weather can wear down the mortar used to join the blocks and cause leaks. The cinder block foundation may bow and buckle from the water pressure built up in the mortars and surrounding soil—leading to costly repairs or replacement.

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Can Fisher Structures Deliver to You?

Fisher Structures can deliver to a large geographical area. We can deliver directly to your site using a special trailer and a professional driver. Our experienced driver will need approximately a 40-foot clearance in front of the proposed site.

All obstructions must be removed, such as trees and other obstacles from the area. Pricing for delivery is based on mileage from the point of origin to your site. Please contact us for delivery fees.

What’s It Like Working with Fisher Structures?

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on building high-quality outdoor structures that last for years. We want your family to get as much enjoyment from your backyard as possible, and our sheds, garages, gazebos, and barns can do just that.

We’ll work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied, just like these happy customers:

“We had an idea for a pool house with a bar and brought our ideas to Ben. After discussing what we wanted and Ben offering his ideas, it was exactly what we had in mind! The quality of the structure should give us years of enjoyment.

Great company to deal with including the person that delivered the shed and worked hard to place it exactly where we wanted it! Great doing business with you!” –Elizabeth K. via Google

“Well constructed shed. Delivery person was excellent and was able to place shed exactly where I wanted it. There were a few ridge shingles missing and the ramp I ordered was not with the shed. Within a couple days Fisher came back with the ramp and repaired the shingles. Overall, very impressed!” –Edward G. via Google

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