Add Beauty to Your Backyard with Our Stunning Pergolas & Pavilions for Sale

When your outdoor space lacks a peaceful area to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, adding a pergola or a pavilion to your backyard patio can be exactly what you need. Create a center for entertaining family and friends with an outdoor living space crafted by Fisher Structures.

What’s the Difference Between Pergolas & Pavilions?

While both structures are similar, there are a few key differences between our pergolas and pavilions for sale. Unlike a gazebo, pergolas and pavilions don’t have walls surrounding all four sides. They can both provide some cover or shade on the hottest, sunny days, but a pavilion offers a more complete shelter with a full roof.

Both make an excellent addition to any deck or patio and can be the perfect place to entertain friends outdoors. So what makes them different from one another? Let’s take a look at how pergolas and pavilions contrast:



A pergola is a series of posts that support beams and either open lattice or cross beams on the roof. It can provide shade, especially with the addition of vines, a sheer curtain, or a canopy, and makes the perfect place to put your favorite patio furniture.

Wide-open sides mean you have a better chance of catching that evening breeze while you’re still shaded from the sun. Our pergolas are available in wood or vinyl and are easy to assemble. Pergola sizes come in two-foot increments. Let Fisher Structures build you the perfect freestanding pergola for your outdoor dining areas!

wooden pergola


Unlike pergolas, our gazebos and pavilions for sale have a complete roof to protect you from the sun and rain. As an open-sided structure, you can still experience the open-air feeling of the outdoors and still have a roof over your head. Depending on your needs, a pavilion can be reasonably small or quite large (think commercial pavilions).

We offer pavilions in vinyl and wood, so you can choose the type of material that works best for the look of your backyard. Outdoor pavilions provide an ideal dining space and are the home improvement project you need!

Get the Pergola or Pavilion You’ve Always Wanted

Why settle for a pergola kit you can get from the big box stores when you can get a highly recommended pergola or pavilion custom-made by Fisher Structures? Get a quote today to get started!

Choose the Best Type of Material for Your New Pergola or Pavilion

Fisher Structures has been creating outdoor storage buildings, mini-barns, gazebos, and more for over 30 years. During that time, we have found that wood and vinyl are the two best choices for outdoor structures.

Traditional wood structures provide natural beauty and an exceptionally durable product. On the other hand, vinyl is nearly maintenance-free. Choose the one that works best for you.

A wooden pavilion with light around it and two tables and chairs under it.

Wood Benefits

Using wood for your structure, whether a pergola, pavilion, or outdoor storage space, has many benefits that homeowners find appealing. For example:

  • Appearance: Wood looks incredible and provides a classic elegance to any backyard space
  • Customization: Bring out the beauty of wood with a natural stain color or add a pop of color to your yard with a bright paint color.
  • Durable: When properly pressure-treated and coated, wood is a resilient material that withstands the elements.
A vinyl pergola provides shade for a seating area next to a pool.

Vinyl Benefits

Vinyl pavilions and pergolas also make a fantastic addition to any space where you want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Some of its benefits include:

  • Low Maintenance: Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and needs just a yearly cleaning to stay looking new for longer.
  • Stain- and Rust-Resistant: As a waterproof material, vinyl easily resists stains from food and drink and doesn’t rust or rot.
  • UV-Resistant: The sun won’t fade the color on your vinyl, so you never have to worry about repainting it.

Get the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams with Our Pergolas and Pavilions for Sale!

Whether you’re dreaming of adding a new dining set to your deck and want some protection around it or need to balance your fire pit area with a covered structure, our pergolas and pavilions for sale will do the trick! We take our expertise as shed builders and put it to good use to craft stunning vinyl and wood pavilions and pergolas for homeowners like you.