Open Air Outdoor Structures… Pergola or Pavilion

Your outdoor space can be upgraded with pergolas and pavilions. A pergola is a series of posts that support beams and either open lattice or cross beams. A pergola can provide shade, especially with the addition of vines or a canopy. See this article at for 10 reasons for owning a pergola.

Wide open sides mean you have a better chance to catch that evening breeze while you’re still shaded from the sun. Our Pergolas are available in either wood or vinyl and are easy to assemble. Pergola sizes come in in 2-foot increments. Check out our pergolas today!

A pavilion is an open-sided structure, like a gazebo without sides. Do you want to experience the open-air feeling of the outdoors and still have a roof over your head? A backyard pavilion meets that need! A pavilion can be fairly small or quite large depending on your need.

Want a more traditional outdoor structure? Take a look at our gazebo page.